Van Nissan Homy

ADDED: July 03, 2020
Vehicle details
Body Van
Make Nissan
Mileage 195000 Km
Fuel type Diesel
Engine 2.4 ccm
Transmission Automatic
Drive Rear Wheel Drive
  • Air Condition
  • Certified camper/RV
  • Solar power
  • Dual battery
  • Camping equipment
  • Fridge/Freezer
  • 1-2 berth

Characteristics :
-Nissan Homy 2.7L, 1996
-195 000 km (approximately)
-Raised roof and extended base
-Diesel 10L / 100
-5-speed automatic transmission
-Distribution chain
-3 seats at the front
-SELF contained 2 people until 09/13/2023
-Wof until 09/2020
-Rego until 02/2021
-RuC payed for 195334 km
Mechanical :
-All interviews have been updated
– Oil levels regularly checked
– Cooling liquid and Thermostat changed in December 2019.
We have continued the action of our predecessors which was to start the van and let it warm up 5min before leaving each time it is used.
– Tires before new 04/2020
-Parallelism 04/2020
-Draining 05/15/2020
– New wipers and windshields

Indoor kitchen:
-Real quality hob with two burners and a refillable 4 kg gas bottle.
-1 can of 25L clean water and 1 can of 25L dirty water
-High performance fridge 10L in 12 V
-All necessary utensils (cutlery, plates, frying pans, …)
-A lot of storage (cupboards, shelves, fruit net …)

Bedroom / Living room:
-Windows tinted throughout the van in the back, for more privacy and deterrent for malicious people
-Large bed 160 * 190
-A large goose down duvet, a second normal duvet, two complete bed sets, 4 cushions, a plaid
Thermal and blackout curtains (does not let light through thanks to the Velcro fasteners)
-A lot of storage below the side sofas (toolbox, bags, second battery, fridge, clothes …)
-The coffee table can be removed and put in bed

– Auxiliary battery which recharges while driving with a 12V output
-Low consumption LED light throughout the van
-Solar kit (guaranteed for more than 3 years still)
120W Solar Panel
104 Ah Gel battery slow discharge with 2 12V outputs
10A / 130W MPPT controller
600W power inverter with 5V USB output and 220V NZ
-3 LED garlands

-WC chemical (never used, stored under the sofas)
-Sun shower

-Full tool box
-2 camping chairs, 1 stool, 1 camping table
-2 sleeping bags (including one for low temperatures)
– 1 liter can of new engine oil and coolant
-Double keys
-2 New Sony Xtrabass Speakers and Pioneer post
-Suction cup holder for phone
-Air conditioner
-Electric windows
-Socket adapters, USB charger
-Kayak inflatable in 5 min nine worth 600 dollars (removable paddles, 2 new life jackets
-New Gas cooker for camping
-Dumbell 10kg for fitness
-Others things for fitness

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