Mitsubishi L300

ADDED: June 28, 2020
Vehicle details
Body Van
Make Mitsubishi
Mileage 212000 Km
Fuel type Gasoline - Petrol
Engine 2.4 ccm
Transmission Manual
Drive Rear Wheel Drive
  • Tow bar
  • Roof racks
  • Roadworthy (MOT/WOF/etc.)
  • Solar power
  • Dual battery
  • Camping equipment
  • 1-2 berth

Hey guys! Our time to go back home has arrived, and the next step is to sell the van that we have had the pleasure of living in during the last months.
We have built it ourselves, so I can assure is rock solid everywhere you touch. (You can do anything in the van 😉).

We thought that could be useful to use a solar panel (160watts) to charge our batteries, the main one of the van, and also an extra one (100amp) that we’ve added. From that extra battery, we use it to charge phones, tablets (If you hang the tablet with magnets to the roof, you’ll have the best screen you ever had 😂), the speaker for the music… anything that you can use through USB, basically. Also, the same extra battery is powering up 4 points of LED strips, which are VERY useful when it gets darker. Two of them in the kitchen above our head pointing to where we want to see, and on top of the drawers for the night munchies!, and two other for the “living” area (one for the main place at the highest point of the van, and another right on top of our clothes, which is useful as well if you don’t want to dress up like your partner😉.)
On top of that, there’s an electric water kettle that runs on 12V in case you run out of gas for your cooker, or it’s just that windy that you prefer not to turn the gas on. You’ll make it work as simple as pressing a switch on/off.

In regards to the bed: 1,90 x 1,20. The maximum the van would allow us. I am 1.82 and I sleep very comfortably since we moved into the van. Bought in Para rubber brand new around 6 months ago.
Right next to us, we made the curtains using the ones that you would use for a shower, which surprisingly helped us keeping the moisture out and “insulating” from the windy nights.

The car itself: I am surprised (and I’ve even seen a post once about the same topic) that the motor runs that cold. I’ve never seen it hotter than halfway, which makes me comfortable. I’m not a mechanic, but common sense tells me that if a metallic motor doesn’t get too much heat, the metal with suffer less. So that’s a good point. It’s a Mitsubishi L300 2.4 from 2005 (WOF every year, instead of every 6 months), works on petrol.
In regards to consumption, I’ve made my calculations and I’d say is around 9-9.5l/100km.
When we bought it, the seller (a dealer) made us the favor of doing the timing belt before he gave it to us. Of course we have the bill for it as a proof. So there’s still 80000 km to go.
Me personally have been checking oils/levels, and taking care of the van.

To sum up, for us this van means that even though we are traveling, we can still have comfort and living space for ourselves, on top of being a reliable car.

See you, and thank you!

Hector and Anna.

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