Mazda Bongo 2003 Self Contained

ADDED: December 14, 2020
Vehicle details
Body Van
Make Mazda
Mileage 278500 Km
Fuel type Gasoline - Petrol
Engine N/A
Transmission Automatic
Drive N/A
  • Air Condition
  • Navigation
  • Tow bar
  • Roadworthy (MOT/WOF/etc.)
  • Certified camper/RV
  • Dual battery
  • Heating
  • Camping equipment
  • Fridge/Freezer
  • 1-2 berth


Time has come for me to part ways with Maggie, my lovely ride since December 2019 ! 💔 I love her and I’m sad, but she doesn’t fit in my backpack.

It is now available on Christchurch, OR ANYWHERE ELSE ON SOUTH ISLAND, I don’t mind driving. If you’re in NORTH ISLAND and interested, DM me.

Here’s her ID :

📅 2003 (so young)
⭐️Automatic (so much easier 😅)
⭐️278 xxx kms
⭐️ 1.780cc Petrol engine
📅Self-contained until 10/21
📅WOF until 12/20
📅Rego until 03/01/21
🔑 Two Keys set
⭐️ Three seats
🌡 AC

🛌 Bed for 2, CONVERTIBLE 1p + 1 central table
🛌 Bedsheets, 1 blanket, 3 pillows, 2 plaid blankets (very warm)
🛌1 sleeping bag
👑 1 Beautiful Crown pillow 👑 so comfy and cute and soft I love it so much!
⭐️ Thermal curtains, smart and handy Velcro attaching system
🥕 The little carrot in shorts stays with me, sorry

👨‍🍳 Possible to cook from inside or outside
⭐️ Kitchen with pump tap, fold-out extra pad, spices & washing corner
⭐️ Big storage compartments
🌡 1 ELECTRICAL FRIDGE purchased in December 2019, plugs on the cigaret lighter (directly on the car or on the 2nd battery) OR adaptor to mains socket (total cost : 160$)
⭐️1 double gas cooker purchased in January 2020
⭐️1 mini camping gaz, very handy for camping or the morning coffee/tea – no need to plug the big one! 🙂 ☕️
⭐️2L LPG Bottle, almost new, almost full
⭐️1 camping table
🪑3 camping chairs
⭐️2 chopping boards
⭐️Tupperwares of various sizes
⭐️⭐️⭐️ 1 ton of cutlery, plates that are big, small, flat, bowls, …

⛺️ 1 tent for 2 persons
🚿 1 solar shower, brand new
⭐️ Bed CONVERTIBLE into a central table
And as written above:
⛺️ 1 sleeping bag
🧑‍🍳1 mini camping-gas
🪑1 table, 3 chairs
💡1 camping lamp
🧴 All my sunscreen bottles🧴 30&50 (I’m pale as an ass) and my insect repellant to survive those MOTHER F**** SANDFLIES 🤐, if you want them

🔋 2nd battery, brand new (cost : 500$), inverter and voltmeter included, 2 USB ports, 2 cigarette lighter ports
🔋 2nd inverter to plug if needed (not my case) with mains socket for laptop or other
🎶 Adaptor cigarette lighter/jack, syncs with radio to listen to your favorite songs (and sing along loudly) with top quality sound
🔋 Extra cigarette lighter charger with 2 USB ports
🗺 External GPS, oldie but Goldie : super handy, no need to use your cellphone’s battery and internet, and it even gives you the speed limits
📱 But if you prefer your cellphone no worries, there’s a cellphone holder
🗺 And if you hate technology there’s also A LOT of paper maps
⭐️ Double power strip cigarette-lighter
💡1 camping lamp
🚽 1 “PortaLoo” toilet

⭐️ Lots and lots of storage under the bed + shelves where I personally put my books/notebooks/stuff, vanity case, and a bit more food just in case I have a sudden craving for Tim Tam… 🤫 🍫 🍪

Don’t hesitate to ask me more questions. No she doesn’t have Covid. I love her. I’m looking for new owner(s) to love her as much as I do. ❤️