FORD E-150 2009 I 170.000 km I 12.500 CAD

ADDED: December 14, 2020
Vehicle details
Body Van
Make Ford
Mileage 170000 Km
Fuel type Gasoline - Petrol
Engine N/A
Transmission Automatic
Drive N/A
  • Air Condition
  • Cruise Control
  • Roof racks
  • Solar power
  • Heating
  • Camping equipment
  • Fridge/Freezer
  • 1-2 berth

**Selling in Vancouver area**

After a gorgeous spring and summer we are going to sell our baby as we moved to Vancouver and don’t have the space for him any more.
We bought the van as work van from Bell. It was mainly used for long distance drives on the Highway.
The Engine runs great and is in perfect conditions, the frame is in good conditions, the Body has a little rust but nothing major.
Oil changes and inspections done regularly (receipts available).
Tires are in good conditions and will last a few more seasons. Comes with new brake pads for the front breaks, so no extra costs if you need to change (front breaks in 40%) – rare breaks done recently.

Mechanical renewals
All with receipts – done in 2020 (if you are interested we can send it to you)
– Cooler hose changed
– Serpentine belt
– New rare brakes
– New battery

Van modifications
– 4 x 20 V solar panels on the roof
– 12 V Deep Cycle Battery connected to the solar panels (Fully – charged within a sunny day)
– Inverter (no problem charging all kind of devices like laptop, camera, phone…)
– Charge Controller
– Second Inverter connected to the car battery (no problem charging all kind of devices like phone, laptop, camera while driving, or when not enough sun for a while)
– 2 lamps on the ceiling (11 W each)
– Moveable spotlight on top of the roof (left over from his work van days. We find it quite useful, if you are arriving late and need to find a spot for the night. Or for watching wild animals. Its really bright and powerful)
– 12 V fridge
– Roof vent
– Fully foam isolated (floor, walls, ceiling)
– Sink with greywater canister
– All season tires

The Van is fully equipped and ready to go on your adventure! The van comes with the following:
– Comfy memory foam mattress in great conditions
– Propane stove incl. propane bottle
– A well-equipped kitchen as we love to cook (details on request)
– Fishing equipment
– 2 Camping chairs
– Basic tools for small repairs
– Lots of storage under the bed and under the kitchen
– Basic cleaning equipment
– Plastic boxes for storage under the bed

– little rust on a few spots of the body
– noise which comes from the front breaks because of rust
– engine light code P0442

We currently went to see a mechanic which gave us a written confirmation, that the noise is coming from the front breaks because of a little rust which does not affect the power of the breaks at all. Its also proven, that the P0442 code does not affect the drivability at all.
The Van is licensed in Quebec. As our license plate is valid until end of Nov. and we are selling it now, it doesn’t make sense for us to register the car in B.C.
We checked with a mechanic and he is sure that the car will pass the out of province as it is young age, in good conditions and has low mileage.

However we know this is not a proof, so we offer you, if you are really interested in the van, to do the out of province check – the reason we don’t do it yet is because it’s only valid for a certain period in which you need to get the BC license plates ans as mentioned above – we don’t need them 🙂

If there are repairs coming up, we can talk about the price.

If you need more pictures or information, we are happy to help!