Honda Odyssey 1997


Attention travelers!👋🏼 We are about to end our trip in New Zealand and that is why we are putting our reliable travel companion for sale, a *Honda Odyssey 1997*

*266.xxx km
*Wof until July 2024
*Rego until July 2024
*Change of oil and filter up to date.

Ideal for newcomers as it includes:
*Sheets, blankets, pillows
* gas cooker
* basic kitchen elements (covers, cups, pan, plates, etc)
* tools for any unforeseen
* safety elements for work, gloves vest, and more
* tent And independent mattress to the car
* and more

can be transformed into a home on wheels with a comfortable bed and complete kitchen equipment. Ideal for those who want to save on accommodation. For those who travel in a group, this vehicle can become a spacious car with 7 seats, each with its own seat belt, ideal for sharing expenses and adventures with friends or family. Although it presents some details of paint, typical of New Zealand cars, its excellent mechanical condition and its low mileage for its years make it the perfect choice for those who value the economy and comfort above aesthetics. ensuring a smooth trip.

Branding Information

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  • Year:
  • Odometer (Kilometres):
  • Transmission:
  • Seats with seatbelts:

General Features

Map Location

North Island,New Zealand