2010 Ford e350


This is a 2010 Ford e350, cutaway style, it was used as a handicapped transport vehicle, and i converted it to a van life camper van.

The vehicle is mechanically sound, i focused on making sure the mechanical side of it is solid, it has

New brakes all around

New shocks all around

New front tires, Firestone HT2

I put air bags under the back, it gave about 4″ of lift and the ride is really smooth.

New steering set up, the entire steering system is new

New starter

Battery is a year old but is good.

The motor is solid, only 180,000 kms, and it runs super, we had it for a 5 month 15,000 km trip this winter and never had any issues, i also wire brushed and painted the frame.

The mechanical cons i know of.

The vehicle heater works well, but the A/C doesnt, we never bothered to charge the A/C, as we used windows and fans and didnt need it.

The air bag light is on, it has been on all along, a mechanic said its just a sensor or something, so we never bothered to do anything.

These could both be fixed if someone wanted to, but we didnt.


On the build, I built it myself, didnt spend big money but used plywood and common lumber, and painted it. It is set up for living inside, efficiency and cost effective.

Tonnes of storage.

It has a queen size bunk bed,(storage underneath) we had our children sleep on the top, which has a sliding gate to keep them from falling out, so it works as a play pen for small children as well.

The bathroom is a shower stall, it is set up for dry camping, so the toilet is whatever you choose, either a cassette or compostable or whatever. It does not have a plumbing system, but water jugs worked really well, and no dump stations required. I do have a tankless water heater that runs off a small battery and propane, but we found it easier to just heat gallon jugs. It has a 30 liter water storage tank for dishes and such stuff. A lifetime cooler that worked well for a fridge.

It has a diesel heater, with a 10 liter tank that will keep it warm in subzero temps with no issues, one fill up lasted like 4-5 days of heating the van in cold weather, no issues with that at all, but do have spare parts just in case, like glow plug ect.

It has a solar panel with wanderer controller to charge house battery that runs the lights and fans.

It has a ceiling fan that can move air both ways.

4 crank open vents on the side for air flow, these work better than windows, especially when its raining. One of them, in the kitchen area, has a fan wired on it to pull out, which is good when cooking. The others have fans built in, but not wired up, thats an option if desired

It can seat 4 people, and then the driver is number 5. We had two car seats, and still room for 2 people in the back. Seats can fold all the way up to give loads of room.

On the back, there is a generator hut, a small generator supplies all the power for cooking and stuff, we ran it for like a $1 a day, its very efficient.

It has all the storage you can need for camping gear, and the van will come with

Camping gear, (tent, 2 sleeping bags, small rocket stove, cookout equipment, 2 camping chairs)

All the oil change equipment, oil was changed every 5,000 kms, i could do it in less than half hour

Emergency equipment, flares, vest, pylons, 10 ton jack, booster cables, battery booster, jerry cans with gas and diesel, mountain bike on the back, although this could be replaced with your own, it has a good mounting that can be used with any bike.

Cooking equipment that works well with the generator, the generator will be included.

In short, this is a van that is good for a family to go on long trips, or short camping, without spending 50- 100k and buying a luxury camper, or buying something leaky that’s 25 years old.

Because i didnt do a dedicated propane and water system, i was able to keep it insured and registered as a van. The materials were not expensive so the van is not expensive either, its a good option for a family that doesnt want to spend $50,000, but wants to have a solid vehicle to go camping. As previously mentioned, we lived in it for 5 months full time.

I am asking around $20,000 or best offer. Reasonable offers will be considered. Message with any questions

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